Trump administration withdraws federal protections for transgender students

The Trump administration on Wednesday night withdrew Obama-era protections for transgender students in public schools that let them use bathrooms and facilities corresponding with their gender identity. The announcement is a significant victory for opponents of the Obama administration’s guidelines who believe the federal government never should have gotten involved in the issue. Civil rights groups, meanwhile, denounced the withdrawal ... Read More »

Inside the most memorable GOP town hall moments

Across the country, people are flooding auditoriums, high school theaters and anywhere else they can to give their members of Congress an earful. The reason: to weigh in on President Donald Trump’s agenda, and the potential of the new Congress to reshape government. ‘I want to thank you … but’ A Kentucky woman named Rose Mudd Perkins laced into Senate ... Read More »

Trump admin sets stage for mass deportations

The Department of Homeland Security Tuesday laid out the Trump administration’s plans for aggressive enforcement of immigration laws, including a potentially massive expansion of the number of people detained and deported. But the Trump administration also emphasizes that it is leaving intact the DACA program — President Barack Obama’s protections for so-called DREAMers — even if the new rules chip ... Read More »

Ernst runs into the anti-Trump resistance in rural Iowa

A rising star in the Senate Republican ranks ran into a mess in her home state Tuesday. Sen. Joni Ernst had planned a “veterans roundtable” in this tiny eastern Iowa town — far away from the anti-Trump and pro-Obamacare protests that have filled cities in recent weeks. It mirrored the playbook other Republican lawmakers have used during this week’s congressional ... Read More »

Huge stakes for Trump immigration do-over

President Donald Trump is preparing to seize on a second chance to make a first impression with the release this week of a new executive order temporarily halting travel from citizens of seven nations he says pose a high risk of terrorism. The order will form the second thrust of a new administration push to significantly overhaul the shape of ... Read More »

Incredible importance of college or university essay editing and enhancing and proofreading service

Incredible importance of college or university essay editing and enhancing and proofreading service Any pieces of paper written from the scratch needs modifying and proofreading actions to be sure the higher expertise of the essay and to stay away from errors simply being manufactured throughout the essay. Read More »

Melania Trump’s sister shows rare behind-the-scenes look on social media

Melania Trump is beginning to forge her own path as America’s first lady, assembling a team of aides and advisers. But the name of one longtime confidante, and perhaps her most trusted friend, won’t be announced with a news release or statement or a new title: her sister, Ines Knauss. Knauss, Trump’s older sister, lives just blocks from Trump Tower ... Read More »

Trump picks Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster as new national security adviser

President Donald Trump announced Monday that Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster will serve as his next national security adviser, filling the void left last week by the sudden dismissal of Michael Flynn. McMaster, the head of the Army Capabilities Integration Center, will become one of Trump’s top national security and foreign policy advisers, taking the helm of the White House’s National ... Read More »

These Republicans didn’t like Trump at first. They do now.

In the beginning, they didn’t care for Donald Trump. “Trump’s a buffoon,” David Searles said before casting a vote for Marco Rubio in the New Hampshire primary. “He scares me,” Rebecca Meyer said before settling on Ben Carson in South Carolina’s primary. “He’s not presidential,” Gail Francioli said after backing Ohio Gov. John Kasich in that state’s primary. Yet like ... Read More »

Trump gets what he wants in Florida: Campaign-level adulation

President Donald Trump, after a month of arduous and, at times, turbulent governing, got what he came for Saturday during a dusk rally here: Campaign-level adulation. Trump, who just months ago finished campaigning for the office he now holds, was both selling what his administration has done in its first 30 days and trying to change the subject after a ... Read More »



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