What’s at stake for Trump in Syria

A decision by President Donald Trump to use force in retaliation for an alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria appears inevitable and imminent. But his goals in taking such action are less clear, as is the scale of the US response. Trump effectively boxed himself into acting since he placed his and America’s credibility on the line by blasting a Syrian government airfield with ... Read More »

Stormy Daniels’ lawyer once again seeks to depose Donald Trump and Michael Cohen

Stormy Daniels’ attorney, Michael Avenatti, has once again filed a motion to depose President Donald Trump and his lawyer, Michael Cohen, to ask about a $130,000 payout before the 2016 election. In the motion, filed in federal court in California on Sunday evening, Avenatti also asked for the production of documents on topics relating the agreement, which Daniels argues is ... Read More »

Syria attack response looms over Bolton’s first week as national security adviser

John Bolton faces a baptism of fire on Monday, his first official day as President Donald Trump’s national security adviser. The brutal chemical weapons attack in Syria presents Bolton with an immediate crisis that will highlight the biggest questions surrounding his appointment, offering an early examination of how his vision of the robust use of US power abroad will ally ... Read More »

US attorney to oversee FBI document release to House

The Justice Department on Monday is expected to name Chicago’s top federal prosecutor, US attorney John Lausch, to oversee the FBI’s production of documents to the House Judiciary Committee, after President Donald Trump angrily accused it of “stalling” the release. Multiple media outlets reported last week that the Justice Department had missed a subpoena deadline to provide the House Judiciary ... Read More »

The data behind Trump’s new border strategy

Last summer, President Donald Trump repeatedly boasted about the downturn of illegal crossings at the US border with Mexico. Though he’d only been in office for a few months, Trump — much in the way he discusses the stock market — took credit for the new numbers and claimed, without evidence, that his administration was succeeding where its predecessors failed. Fast forward about a ... Read More »

Trump says he didn’t know about Stormy Daniels payment

President Donald Trump said on Thursday he did not know about a $130,000 payment made to the adult film actress Stormy Daniels for her silence, his first public acknowledgment of the scandal surrounding an alleged sexual affair that has plagued him for months. “No,” a terse Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One when questioned about his knowledge of the ... Read More »

Border crisis is Trump’s latest war on straw men

Donald Trump often acts like a President touting a solution in search of a problem. Whether it’s because of his own conspiratorial mindset, a desire to keep political loyalists engaged or a lack of interest in dry policy details, Trump frequently acts to address an idiosyncratic version of reality. On immigration in particular, but also on gender issues or electoral ... Read More »

Presidential whiplash stokes immigration crisis to justify troop surge

President Donald Trump’s aides are caught in a never ending game of catch-up, trying to translate his sudden, impulsive demands into instant policy. They might deny it, but evidence suggests that a hurriedly announced deployment of National Guard troops to the southern border was sparked by a presidential tweet storm, itself apparently provoked by a News story. Just three days ... Read More »

Trump gets testy as national security team warns of risks of Syria withdrawal

President Donald Trump grew irritated with his top military brass and national security team on Tuesday when they advised him an immediate withdrawal of US troops from Syria would be unwise and could not provide a timeline for when American forces could exit, people familiar with the matter said. In a sometimes-tense meeting of his national security team, Trump complained at length ... Read More »

Lawyer who cut deals for Daniels and McDougal says the whole truth has not been told

The attorney who represented a porn star and Playboy model in deals that buried their allegations of sexual encounters with Donald Trump in exchange for six-figure payouts said the “whole truth” about the now-public scandal has not been told. In exclusive interviews with, attorney Keith M. Davidson said he believes his clients Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal were telling the ... Read More »



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