Elizabeth Warren: Have tech companies become ‘too big to fail’?

Senator Elizabeth Warren just insulted Silicon Valley in the worst way: She compared some of the biggest tech companies to banks that caused the financial collapse. “[The] idea of ‘too big to fail’ in the financial sector gets a lot of attention,” Warren said in a speech on Wednesday. “But the problem isn’t unique to the financial sector. It’s hiding ... Read More »

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to give away 99% of shares

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan say they will give away 99% of their shares in the company to good causes as they announce the birth of their daughter Max. Mr Zuckerberg made the announcement in a letter to Max on his Facebook page. He said they are donating their fortune to the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative because they ... Read More »

11 things you need to know about Microsoft’s new Surface 3

The Surface fills a gadget gap between laptops and tablets. Today’s tablets are great for portability, reading and watching video, but they’re not ideal for doing work. Laptops are designed for getting stuff done, but you wouldn’t want to read a book on them. The Surface is a laptop that looks and acts like a tablet. But the Surface Pro ... Read More »

Obama to encourage companies to share cyber threat data

President Barack Obama is set to sign an executive order on Friday aimed at encouraging companies to share more information about cybersecurity threats with the government and each other, a response to attacks like that on Sony Entertainment. The order sets the stage for new private-sector led “information sharing and analysis organizations” (ISAOs) – hubs where companies share cyber threat ... Read More »

Apple’s New Stylus Concept Digitizes Writing on Any Surface

Apple publicly eschewed the stylus for many years, and the company still hasn’t made one of its own, though numerous patents have appeared over the years for Apple-branded ones. Now Apple has filed yet another intriguing stylus patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). What makes it intriguing? The stylus can digitize whatever you write, no matter what surface you ... Read More »

Don’t Like Internet Explorer? Windows 10 Will Reportedly Feature Brand-New Browser

Microsoft is developing a brand-new browser for Windows 10, one described as similar in look and feel to Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox. That’s according to a new report from Microsoft insider Mary J. Foley at GameSpot sister site Zdnet. Citing sources, she says the new browser is codenamed “Spartan,” and it’s not the next version of Internet Explorer, though that ... Read More »

Why are we still using Social Security numbers to identify ourselves?

  So far this year, hackers have stolen more than 6.5 million Social Security numbers. That’s the absolute bare minimum. It’s likely much more than that. Getting at the exact number of stolen SSNs is difficult. No single organization or government agency tallies the number. To arrive at the number, examined two dozen hacks that took place in 2014. The ... Read More »

Google leases massive Navy blimp hangar

Google has signed a 60-year lease for an historic Navy blimp hangar near its Silicon Valley headquarters. It will pay $1.16 billion over the life of the lease and invest $200 million in renovations in Hangar One. The landmark building is visible to drivers taking the main route between San Francisco and San Jose. According to NASA, which now operates ... Read More »

Keira Knightley thinks billionaire Silicon Valley nerds are weirdos

Tech billionaires, actress Keira Knightley has a message for you: That hooded sweatshirt/Crocs combo is not working. The English actress was in Silicon Valley recently and was invited to a private screening of her new tech-centric movie, “The Imitation Game” at a home in the area. She appeared on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Monday and revealed she wasn’t sure what ... Read More »

Amazon seeks UK drone experts for delivery service

UK drone experts are being sought by Amazon to help with its fledgling drone-based delivery service. Amazon’s Prime Air will use small drones to deliver packages up to 2.3kg (5lb) in weight to customers within 30 minutes of an order being placed. Drone testing will take place in Cambridge  at a site Amazon acquired when it bought Evi Technologies. Prime Air-related ... Read More »



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