Election 2016: How Significant?

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The time has come for the greatest nation on earth to have their first woman president and commander in chief. Most civilized world had at a time in their existence ruled by a woman.

This country “United States of America” awaits their first woman commander in chief and Hillary may have been destined to be the woman.  This is not only because she is a woman, but, her qualification and tenacity defines why we believe she is in the correct place at the right time.

Nevertheless, the question is what type of president will she be?

There is no obvious answer as to the policies and style that Americans will experience with her presidency. Certain things are clear; she is not a push around kind of person and for that she will govern from the middle, fighting and signing into laws, policies she is convinced will not create huge dissatisfaction from most Americans and would veto bills that did not gain any support no matter how little from all political spectrum.

The political tragedy of the Affordable Care act is not the law itself, but white house, inability to bring some republicans to support the act. These he would have achieved by simply making some concession that some open minded politicians from the opposing party will accept.

I call this lack of support from the republicans to one of this country’s major pieces of legislation a tragedy because the bill will not exist in its present form no matter who is in the white house after Obama’s presidency. Concession from the white house with the support of some republicans would have led to a better health care act than what will be left of this bill in some years to come.

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Therefore, for her presidency to be revered after she is gone, she must avoid having the Pelosis and Reids breathing down her neck every time. Obama’s presidency would look different if not for Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, two leaders that would not allow an inexperience first term president to bring the country together instead of dividing it even further.

Failure of Hillary’s presidency will also be failure of all women. One will argue that Obama would not be the president were it not for white American votes from the democrats, some Republicans and Independents. I wonder when there will be such courage and enthusiasm to elect another black president. We think President Obama has made this prospect rather very difficult.

There are so many women governors, senators, congresswomen, mayors etc. A successful and strong Hillary Clinton’s presidency will open a floodgate for all of them.

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If only Hillary in the white house would take into consideration that men and women of this great nation are hard working, honest and dedicated fine people in contrast to the political leaders of this country. If you take a hard look at any corruption in this country, you will lead it to our politicians, it you are dissatisfied with bad or imperfect policies you will lead it to our politicians.

United States of America is the only country in the world where bribery and corruption of the political establishment is called lobbying.

We are cognizant that they are three arms of government in this country, however, we believe if any president can take a different path, this country will truly be the greatest nation that it deserve. It will truly be the “shining star on the hill” not because it is the most powerful militarily, but because every other nation on earth will mimic what we are doing.

We know that there are many imperfections in the system because we have failed to develop, expand, take a different path or even amend the constitution that our founding fathers left for us more than 300 years ago. The constitution they draft to forestall the problems and to adapt to the demands of their time.

A madam in the oval office should not be just another president. They were so much hope when Barrack Obama was elected, the beneficiaries of the present political behavior were so frightened for their candy, but, he was just another man, another politician and another president.

Can Hillary be prevented from being the next president?

For her campaign to be successful, she will need the support of  majority of the women in this country. She should not shy away from being a strong woman, mother, wife and grandmother who happens to be running to occupy the highest office in the word.

Hillary is the target of every Republican presidential candidate and, this is a crowded field each aiming whatever they have at her. However, with Obama’s presidency, main stream republicans are not afraid of the Clintons as before. We all knew what happened in the open primaries where republicans were voting for Barack Obama simple to stop Hillary from winning the nomination. We think those republicans would like to rewind the clock because Obama has turned to be their worst nightmare.

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The most obvious thing that could derail Hillary’s campaign is the Obama constant lack of recognition of the fact that there are three arms of government in America. Obama should strive to build consensus with the opposing parties on issues they approach differently or else, open minded republicans and independents will take their frustration out on Hillary. After all, they are from the same political party and the fear will be it’s going to be business as usual. One can’t fail but wonder what the Jewish and Cuban Americans will do in the next presidential election.



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